Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The IT Energy Vampire: Top Five Tips to Avoid Getting Sucked Dry

When night falls, the IT vampire comes out to suck idle, unused energy from your PC network, needlessly wasting money and hurting the environment.

According to the Gartner Group, PCs and monitors account for 40% of global business IT device carbon emissions, nearly double that of data and server centers. And about two-thirds of energy used by computers is wasted by machines that aren't in use, according to a report for the Department of Energy.

To help end this nightmare, and in honor of today’s domestic holiday, we’ve mixed up this ghoulicious list of tips for saving on PC energy bills:

1. Stop the bloodletting - check out PC and monitor power managemen solutions like Verdiem to cut your energy bill and your carbon footprint. Verdiem's Surveyor software can cut PC energy costs by as much as 40%, and carbon emissions by as much as 60%

2. Step out of the desktop casket - add laptops to your bag of tricks (they consume far less energy compared to desktop computers)

3. Drive a spike in power vampires - mix up an energy-efficient elixir of fewer desktop printers in your workplace, and recycling of energy-hogging devices that are no longer needed

4. Sink your fangs into better hardware - try PCs that repel energy vampires, such as HP Compaq dc7800 and dc5700 business desktop series with energy-conscious features

5. Make your CIO the vampire slayer - they will get rid of the energy-sucking demons (and help save the environment in the process)

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