Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How to Make the Most of Your Edison Experience

So you’ve downloaded and are using Edison on your PC, but are still looking for ways to maximize its impact in your home?

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you accomplish just that.

-Customize your “Work Time” and “Non-Work Time” settings – Take a few minutes to consider the ideal amount of time for your PC to stay on when you are using it for work and when you are using it for fun. For example, you may prefer for your display to turn off after 5 minutes when you are just surfing the Internet, but would rather it stay on for 15 minutes when you are using it for work.

-Carefully examine your work schedule – If you have Edison on a home PC that you don’t actually use for work, consider setting your schedule so that everyday is “Non-Work Time” with a stricter policy.

-Make sure your PC’s settings allow for you to wake it via keyboard or mouse activity – Enabling your PC to wake-up in multiple ways will create a better overall wake-up experience. Tip: If you choose to wake-up your PC using the power button, just make sure you don’t hold it down for so long that it shuts off completely!

How do you make the most of Edison in your home? Let our readers know so they can follow suit!

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