Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Welcome to the Power Alley!

What happens when tens of thousands of PC users nationwide dramatically scale back on the power they're using at work each day? They don't just save their companies money, and they don't just help reduce their collective carbon footprint. They start a revolution!

And that's what the Power Alley is all about. It's about understanding the impact our daily lives are having on the world around us, doing something about it, and then encouraging our friends and colleagues to do the same.

One of the biggest and highest-impact opportunities is in the realm of energy efficiency. Every day, throughout our day, we're burning far more energy resources than we need. Lights are on when they don't need to be. Cars are idling when they aren't moving. And computers are powered on when nobody is around.

It's up to YOU to do something about it! Let The Power Alley be the spark that helps you save yourself, your family and your company significant money on power bills, all while reducing your carbon footprint and making the world a better, more sustainable place for all of us to live.

The power is yours!

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