Thursday, December 20, 2007

2008 IT New Year's Resolution - Go Green

2007 is quickly coming to a close and with the start of 2008, New Year’s resolutions are on everyone’s minds. That includes C-level execs and IT managers. Sustainability is now a major focus for organizations, and execs are considering how it pays, how it doesn’t and where it counts to make changes. This year, many discovered it can strengthen their reputation, improve employee morale, deliver cost savings, and of course, benefit the environment.

Where do you begin and what is a logical, easy first step? Reducing PC energy waste. Below are 10 other reasons why greening your IT department is an important starting point toward sustainability. The number-one reason - the bottom-line, of course.

Verdiem’s Top Ten Reasons to Go Green in IT

  1. It saves money (a lot of money)
  2. It’s the right thing to do
  3. It’s not easy not being green
  4. Sustained growth requires sustainable operations
  5. Attract and retain customers
  6. Inspire employees
  7. Improved reputation and brand value
  8. Be a cost-savings and sustainability hero for your organization
  9. Lower exposure to energy prices
  10. Energy-efficient IT is high performance IT

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