Friday, December 14, 2007

The Vampires Strike Again

Vampire energy is estimated to cost U.S. consumers $3 billion every year. For those that don't know, vampire energy is a type of energy used by appliances when they are turned off or not being used.

GOOD Magazine sums it up nicely for the average consumer with a chart depicting just how much energy each of those devices is sucking up.

Some surprises are in store for the skeptics:
  • A plasma TV sucks up $160 each year when not in use
  • A game console sucks up $25 each year when not in use
  • A computer can suck up $34 each year when not in use
When you add these costs to the energy costs of actually using the devices, it's no wonder that according to the Department of Energy, "vampire energy amounts to about five percent of energy consumed in the United States."

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