Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gartner Predicts Green IT is the Future of Tech

As Computing Business editor Mark Samuels reports, Gartner has issued a new set of predictions for business technology. While making tech predictions is no new thing for the analyst, the consistency of Green IT showing up on these lists is relatively new.

Green IT shows up three times out of 10 on Gartner's new list as predictions of areas where executives and IT professionals will need to take action in 2008. The predictions include:
  • By 2009 - More than one third of IT organizations will have one or more environmental criteria in their top six buying criteria for IT-related goods. In the future, IT organizations will shift their focus from the power efficiency of products to asking service providers about their measures to improve energy efficiency.
  • By 2010 - Seventy-five per cent of organizations will use full life cycle energy and carbon dioxide footprint as mandatory PC hardware buying criteria. Most technology providers have little or no knowledge of the full life cycle energy and carbon dioxide footprint of their products.
  • By 2011 - Suppliers to large global enterprises will need to prove their green credentials via an audited process to retain preferred supplier status. Organizations with strong brands are already helping to forge the first wave of green sourcing policies and initiatives.
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