Wednesday, January 30, 2008

GreenBiz's State of Green Business - What about PC energy waste?

Kudos to Joel Makower and the GreenBiz team for their 2008 State of Green Business report. If you're relatively new to the sustainability opportunities available to corporate America, it's a great first read. You can download a copy of the PDF report here.

At the same time this report highlights some important sustainability opportunities and challenges in enterprise businesses, it goes light on one of the fastest-growing, fastest-to-implement, and highest cost-saving potential initiatives companies are implementing - PC network power management.

The typical computer wastes nearly two-thirds of the energy is uses, simply by operating at full power when it's not in active use. By leveraging centralized PC power management solutions, enterprises can cut PC costs by as much as $60 per PC per year, adding up to significant operating cost savings.

This isn't meant to be a sales pitch (if you want one, you can find it here), but a reminder that, of all the sustainability projects out there, there's still plenty of wading and triaging to do.

The biggest projects aren't always the best to start on right away. The most visible projects, the sexy sustainability projects, don't always generate the kind of short-term and sizeable payback and ROI that companies need, not only to compete in slower economic conditions but also to quickly leverage the impact and benefits of sustainability across the enterprise.

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