Friday, February 8, 2008

North America Lags in Green IT Adoption

Two new reports have looked at the trends surrounding green IT.

The Standish Group examined the issues driving green computing and found that ultimately cost reduction is the main incentive. With energy bills ever increasing organizations continue to look for ways to cut costs in new places. Cost isn't the only driving factor however, with government mandates, the need for more power and environmental concerns also listed.

Another research group, the Info-Tech Research Group, looked at how fast green IT is spreading around the world. They found that green IT initiatives in the US and Canada are lagging behind those in Asia and Europe, mainly due to older infrastructure.

Infrastructure isn't the only the only place they saw differences however, as 75% of respondents from Asia said their organizations have policies in place for turning off computers while not in use and
only 35% in North America indicated they have such policies. As each corporate PC can waste up to $60 per year in energy costs North American countries are missing out on huge savings.

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