Friday, February 22, 2008

Screen Savers - Energy Suckers

When screensavers were first introduced, their purpose was to prevent damage to early CRT monitors, which were susceptible to phosphor burn. Modern CRT and LCD screens are not prone to "ghost images" resulting from phoshor burn. As a result, the screensaver's original purpose exists no more.

Today, screensavers are generally used as forms of entertainment or personal expression. However, from an energy management perspective, screensavers are like a canary in the goldmine, representing an opportunity to conserve energy and save money. Here is why:

1. A screensaver requires the PC and monitor to be in full power mode.

2. A screensaver indicates that a PC is not in use, and therefore that it could be put into a low power state without affecting end-user productivity.

So, the next time you see a screensaver, think about it as a missed opportunity to save money, conserve energy and help the environment, no different really than a refrigerator with the door left open.

If you often see screensavers in your company, then a PC Power Management solution like SURVEYOR is probably worth a close look.


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