Friday, June 27, 2008

Can You Imagine Life Without Plastic?

More and more, we’re hearing about the dangers of plastic, the harmful chemicals involved in the manufacturing process and the need to start eliminating it from our everyday lives.

It’s a challenging proposition – think about all those iced lattes you have in the summer, the “to go” containers you frequently carry home with you from different restaurants, and the sheer number of items in your household that contain at least some plastic.

This is a great example of a place where small changes are the way to go. If you’re one of the people aiming to eliminate plastic from your life, start small. has a lot of great plastic-free products that they offer as alternatives to traditional plastic-filled products.

In addition, their website also features a section called “Facts on Plastic” that discusses the health risks associated with plastic and also provides a lot of detail on what all the different resin codes on the bottom of plastic containers mean for the average consumer. Beyond that, they provide tips for living a more plastic-free life if you are interested.

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Brad said...

Living without plastic is nearly impossible. I have tried it for a day and it's hard. Even as an aspiring full-greener.