Monday, November 5, 2007

Green Business Tips from Dell

Many thanks to CarbonFree News for giving us an overview of the suggestions Dell provided for small and medium businesses (SMBs) on November 2nd. As energy prices continue to rise and the use of technology consumes increasing amounts of power, Dell suggested a quick list of green initiatives to help businesses save money.

Among them:

  • Invest in energy efficient products. Many servers on today’s market for example, consume up to 25 per cent less energy than previous generations and many computers use up to 70 per cent less power than previous models.
  • Consider power management software to remotely switch PCs off and on. PCs can be set to come on in the mornings, ready for when employees get into the office.
  • Invest in server consolidation and virtualization technologies that are more energy efficient and make better use of existing hardware.
  • Ensure printers are using the default setting to print double sided; reducing the amount of paper used.
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