Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pass Your PC a Turkey Leg

While you’re napping off this year’s turkey-induced tryptophan high, your PC at work should be doing the same. After all, you’re taking a long, four-day weekend. Shouldn’t your computer be taking a rest as well?

Unfortunately, for the majority of corporate computers, this isn’t the case. Consider these surprising statistics, which suggest that the risk of excessive energy waste is high this coming holiday weekend:

  • There are an estimated 43 million active computers across the US in businesses of 300 employees or more
  • Sixty percent of enterprise PCs are normally left running at full-power after business hours

What this means is that, among those mid to large-sized organizations, more than 25.8 million PCs and monitors will be left on for the holiday weekend, wasting an estimated 113 million kWh of electricity and emitting 282.7 million pounds of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, equal to the emissions of 1.7 million mid-sized cars over a four-day period.

113 million kWh would power every residential home in Los Angeles for the entire four-day weekend, and is equivalent to more than 3.3 million gallons of gas used on the road.

Not a festive thought, is it?

Fortunately, close to 500,000 PCs nationwide will be using SURVEYOR software over the holiday weekend, cutting their power consumption by close to 90 percent while eliminating nearly all of their carbon footprint during that time.

If those 25.8 million fully-powered PCs and monitors were using SURVEYOR to manage PCs and monitor power consumption during the Thanksgiving break, they could save a cumulative $5.6 million in energy expenses for four days. That’s why it pays to manage PC power use- for the environment, and for the bottom line.

If your organization isn’t yet using SURVEYOR, please invite your PC to join you in some R&R by turning it off before you leave.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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