Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sustainability at Walmart

Good interview today in Sustainable Life Media with Rand Waddoups, the new Senior Director of Corporate Strategy and Sustainability at Walmart.

One of my favorite quotes from Rand is towards the bottom of the interview, when he's asked what he has learned in his job so far:

"All of us in this industry are in a unique position to drive positive change throughout the supply chain by working together to make better decisions that are good for our business, our customers and the environment. We have learned that becoming sustainable is a journey, not a sprint. Any company that wants to become more sustainable needs to realize that the journey will have many ups, downs and turns. But changes, whether small or large, will have a positive impact on the business, the employees, the customer and the environment. My only advice would be to start if you haven’t, and increase your efforts if you have. I have found that the results will be pleasantly surprising."

Read the full interview here.

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