Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What do CSRs really do?

Enterprises throughout the Fortune 1000 and beyond are hiring and designating CSRs - Corporate Social Responsibility Officers. But what's their job, what influence do they have, and what impact are they really having?

BusinessGreen tackles that topic today in a great piece contrasting the need for corporate responsibility and policies in organizations with the "rub" that happens when those potential policies get in the way of operations.

The CSRs role is indeed important, but it's true power may still be a few months, maybe 1-2 years, away. Organizations faced a similar challenge 15-20 years ago, when the first CIO positions started popping up in organizations.

In the meantime, CSRs and their peers in the executive suite can find a myriad projects that can have a real impact on corporate sustainability and responsibility, with minimal (if any) impact on employee productivity and existing operations. PC power management, for example, can often be executed in a way that not only saves significantly on power costs, but with no impact or visibility for end users and with added benefits for IT departments - such as greater network control, visibility and uptime.

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