Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Marvell Unveils Energy Efficient Power Supply

Marvell, manufacturer of semiconductors, has unveiled a new power supply technology designed to cut PC energy use and decrease carbon emissions. A new article reports that the technology increases energy efficiency by intelligently adjusting the supply profile to provide only the amount of power required by the PC at any given time. This is huge news, as today, typically more than half the power supplied from the outlet is wasted as heat. The new design could offer savings of 35-50%.

What's even more exciting is that Marvell claims their energy efficiency technology could be adapted for use in internal and external power supplies for a wide range of consumer electronics, creating an even greater opportunity for energy reduction.

By using more efficient power supplies US energy use could be significantly reduced, saving up to 24 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions and up to $3 billion annually!

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TKruse said...

Curious as to the details of this claim. I understand that power factor correction does not reduce wasted energy. And what specific benefit would digital PFC provide over standard PFC.